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Jamorama is a highly popular course of online guitar lessons. There are many ‘testimonials’ out there, but not all are real. This evaluation is based upon my own experience of working though the course, and discusses who Jamorama is – and isn’t – fit to.

This Jamorama evaluation is based on my own experience of resolving the whole course of online guitar lessons from Jamorama. I’m not a beginner guitarist (I’ve been playing for a number of years), however as Jamorama is among the most popular online guitar courses available, I wanted to inspect it out to see if it was worth suggesting on my guitar website – and naturally it never harms to revisit the basics too! My general impression of the course is a favorable one, but I don’t think that it’s the very best choice for everyone, and this testimonial discusses why.

Exactly what Is Jamorama?

Jamorama is a course of downloadable guitar lessons which instruct you to play rhythm guitar, along with general musicianship – so you learn chords, progressions, reading tab and standard notation, basic music concept (including scales and chord building), playing together with a band, numerous balanced patterns and strumming strategies, ear training and more. It doesn’t really cover lead guitar methods; the follow up course, Jamorama Lead, is made to construct on this one and instruct solo guitar playing.

The products are provided in text, video and audio format, and there are several software bonus offers which complement the main dish. The main dish attributes:

  • Jamorama Maestro software – enables you to access all of the lessons in series, and plays the relevant audio and video tracks
  • Jamorama Books 1 & & 2 -in digital text format, with complete color images and pictures. Many of the songs is notated in tab (fundamental traditional notation is introduced, however you do not require it to play the material in the course). There are 15 lessons in Book 1, and 29 in Book 2
  • Video lessons – video guideline for each new chord and workout routine, revealing the proper positions for both hands, the fretboard and various other details
  • Audio jam tracks – allow you to practice having fun with others, in a variety of musical styles

Plus there are a number of perks too:

  • GuitEarIt! – ear training software to improve your aural abilities – essential if you desire to have the ability to play by ear or improvise
  • Jamorama Metronome – makes it easy to exercise playing in time
  • Jayde Musica – a software game to assist you learn to check out music rapidly and easily
  • Guitar Tuner Pro – basic software application that assists you to tune your guitar precisely to a variety of adjustings
  • Ways to Tune Your Guitar – PDF guide to different tuning techniques
  • Advanced Learning Techniques For Guitar – PDF overview of finding out more quickly and effectively
  • Open door to SongPond – 30 days free of cost subscription to the SongPond site, which offers video tutorials showing you how to play a big range of popular tunes on guitar or piano

There’s also a participant’s only online forum on the Jamorama site, and the course is fully ensured for eight weeks after acquisition – so you can try it with confidence.

Is This A Great Quality Course?

So you get a great deal of discovering product, but is it in fact any excellent? For the a lot of part, I’m impressed with the quality of the Jamorama products. The software application all runs smoothly, guides are well written and clearly presented and illustrated, the audio is professionally recorded, and the videos are simply outstanding. I likewise had no troubles with downloading the course after making my payment, and the internet site is simple to navigate. It’s not best nonetheless; I didn’t really like reading off the screen (specifically when a jam track was even more than one page long), so I ended up printing the text out. Likewise, I discovered a couple of typos in the course text, which are possibly deceptive, and it’s a shame to see these in such an otherwise excellent product. Still, anybody who’s taking note of exactly what they’re learning must quickly find them.

Needs to Purchase (And Not To Purchase) Jamorama

Typically, I think Jamorama is extremely good. It’s not right for everyone though – here’s why you should (or shouldn’t) buy Jamorama:

  • Buy if you’re a beginner, or you already play a little guitar, but wish to enhance your abilities. Don’t buy if you’re an innovative guitarist who’s currently practiced a broad range of chords, progressions, strumming methods etc.
  • . Buy if you wish to learn to play popular designs on electric or acoustic guitar. Do not buy if you wish to play classic, flamenco or various other non-pop styles – Jamorama does not cater for these.
  • Buy if you’re self-motivated and wish to learn in your home, at your own rate. Don’t buy if you ‘d choose one to one instruction with a private teacher.
  • Buy if you want to play rhythm guitar, or you desire to play lead but are beginning completely from scratch (in this case, you should do this course, then follow with Jamorama Lead). Don’t buy if you want to play lead guitar, however already have solid rhythm guitar abilities.
  • Buy if you wish to find out the skills that you’ll should play pop musics in many styles. Do not buy if you only wish to find out certain populared tunes – Jamorama doesn’t cover these.
  • Purchase if you have a respectable computer system and internet connection, and are ok with learning from digital materials (or printing the product out). Do not purchase if you can’t download the course material, or you only wish to pick up from physical media (there is a physical version of Jamorama, but in my viewpoint it’s a bit overpriced).
  • Buy if you desire a great value full course for the expense of a number of lessons with a private educator. Don’t purchase if you need or prefer the individual attention that one on one guideline provides.


I think that Jamorama is a very strong, expert course that does exactly what it declares – so long as you commit yourself and practice diligently, you’ll go from beginner to intermediate level, and will be able to play some quite remarkable stuff by the end of it. The quantity of time needed will undoubtedly differ for different people, however there’s approximately about a year’s worth of lessons here.

The course advances in a very logical way, so you’re always building on what you have actually discovered currently (one of the troubles with the free guitar lessons available online is that they normally focus on simply a couple of specialised locations, and do not cover all the required standard methods, so you wind up with a lot of gaps in your ability set – this isn’t an issue with Jamorama, which provides a very comprehensive grounding in the essentials that underpin many musical designs).

Although Jamorama isn’t really ideal for everyone, it’s a great option for those who want a high quality, enjoyable course that provides the abilities required for playing rhythm guitar in different categories (and bear in mind that rhythm skills are vital for potential lead guitar players too).

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