Guitar Songs

Once you have the chords and standard notes down on your guitar, the next action most newbies attempt is to find easy guitar tunes to play and practice on. These simple guitar tracks for beginners typically involve some basic notes and chords that you would have simply learned and a tempo that is not too quick to stay up to date with, producing an excellent practice tune for you to start assisting you put notes and wires together into tunes.

A Horse without Name

A Horse without any Name is done by America, and it is a preferred track for novices to use when searching for easy guitar songs to learn to play. Among the very best aspects of A Horse with No Name is that, for beginners, there isn’t really much moving on the neck of the guitar. This is due to the fact that the 4 easy chords utilized in this tune, D6/9, Dmaj9, Em9 and Em, are played on only one fret, making it very easy for newbies to get the hang of.

Feeling Alright

An additional of the fantastic easy guitar tracks for newbies is Feeling Alright by Dave Mason. Also extremely basic for those who are simply discovering to obtain tracks together on the guitar, this tune uses 2 chords, including C7 and F7 and only 2 fusses. This track is on the really beginner side of this ability level since it is so extremely easy, even easier than A Horse without Name.

Wild Thing

Wild Thing has been done by dozens of individuals, however the one that is amongst the simple guitar tracks for novices is the one that is performed by the Troggs. This tune incorporates 4 simple chords along with a “stop” chord to develop this easy melody. This is also easy as far as simple guitar tunes go since the A chord makes use of only one finger, D chord utilizes two, E makes use of one once again and the G chord is the thumb.

The “stop chord” does not indicate there will be any strumming, simply muting the strings with your fingers.


Johnny Cash does Hurt, among his more gorgeous and later tracks in his lifetime, which is also extremely popular amongst novice guitar players. Amongst easy guitar tunes for novices, Hurt makes use of 5 chords with basic patterns, however it is also considered to be closer to an intermediate level rather than a beginner one. The chords are Am, C, D, F and G created with various frets to make the tune. Online acoustic guitar lessons take unique time to teach this one to novices, but once a few of the previously mentioned tunes have actually been discovered it can be completed by greater level newbies of all kinds.

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